Meet Laura Goodwin

Ms. Goodwin is an influential and widely admired writer, BDSM activist, and sexual rights advocate. She is Founder/Director of the United Leatherfolk of CT (a non-profit BDSM support/social group) She also lovingly hand-coded, and administrates this site.


In 1983, Ms. Goodwin founded and led the first ever pansexual S/M support group in the Rocky Mountain Region, the Denver Area Dominants and Submissives (DADS) (now defunct). She served as a High Priestess of the Goddess-worshiping Service of Mankind Church (1983-1997). During the 5 years that DADS was active, she wrote a sexual advice column for two Denver adult papers, the Rocky Mountain Oyster, and the Pleasure Guide while personally bringing hundreds of B&D enthusiasts out of the closet. She has delivered many entertaining and informative lectures about alternative lifestyles, including appearances at Harvard, Yale, Wesleyan, and Columbia Universities. Over the years she has made many radio and TV appearances promoting understanding and acceptance of the D/S lifestyle. Ms. Goodwin also has given numerous instructional talks and demonstrations at conventions such as the NLA's Living In Leather, and Leatherworld. Ms. Goodwin has judged many leather title competitions, including the first annual Mr. Internet Leather. She has also emceed several fetish events. In April 1997, Ms. Goodwin produced and emceed the Fetish Fun Fest in East Hartford, CT, which was attended by approximately 500 enthusiasts and was very successful. Laura led the "Bonding Behavior" workshop at Leather Leadership Conference 3. Laura co-chaired the "Submissive's Rights" workshop at BR99. Laura lectured about BDSM at Yale University, as part of the "Transcending Boundaries" weekend, Oct. 2001. She led the "Bedroom Play", "CBT" and "Basic Bondage" workshops at PEP-Buffalo's fetish weekend, New York Unites, (April 2003). She chaired the Leather Leadership Social at NELA's Fetish Flea Market (Dec. 2004). Laura was the opening speaker at Mensautumn 2005 (a regional Mensa Society convention). Laura led six workshops at Orlando Bash, 2006.

In 1988, Ms. Goodwin moved her family to Connecticut. In 1990, she founded United Leatherfolk of Connecticut, a private, non-profit, BDSM lifestyle support group and friendship circle. Established in March 1990, ULC was active under her sole leadership for 20 years, and is famous for having been an especially warm and genuinely supportive club.

Ms. Laura Goodwin was chosen Ms. National Leather Association -International 1992. At the end of her title year, she was nominated for three Pantheon of Leather awards, including Woman of the Year. That year, Laura was also nominated for the NLA Co-Chair position. In 2000, Laura was nominated for 2 Pantheon of Leather awards: The Forebear Award, and Northeast Regional Activist of the year. Laura won the Northeast Regional Activist Award, 2000.

At Present

ULC is no longer active. Ms. Goodwin is retired from BDSM activism. Laura continues to enjoy good health, and is managing her household and family business.

Laura Goodwin generally is an opinion/humor writer and public speaker. Her articles have appeared in numerous magazines and newsletters, including Leather Online.


Laura enjoys domestic discipline scenes (over-the-knee spanking and other percussive caresses), domestic and sexual servitude, training scenes, erotic sadomasochism (especially discipline) and fetish dressing (especially in leather). She loves to party with trusted friends. Ms. Goodwin's vanilla interests include family and friends, computer hardware and software, internet activities, Star Trek, writing, dancing, and all fine arts, especially theater arts.

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